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My Childhood Spanking History

During initial chats about my spanking interests, the most common question I am asked is: "Were you spanked as a child?"

This seems to be the first question regardless of whether or not the person asking was spanked as a child himself. Those who were spanked as a child want to compare experiences and those who were not want know what it was like.

While my interest in spanking is Adult Male/Male Spanking, I will share my childhood spanking history here - because it is a commonly asked question and so that I can refer those who ask about it to this post and don't have to repeat it over and over.

So let's get started... what was your first question?

Were you spanked as a child?

Yes, I was spanked as a child.

Who all spanked you at home? Who spanked most often?

I was spanked at home by my Dad and Mom and also by the housekeeper who stayed with us during the day while my Dad and Mom were at work. I was also spanked at times by my grandparents who lived next door.

As for who spanked most often, that would probably be the housekeeper since she had to contend with us for nearly 10 hours per day. My Mom was also not one to say "wait until your Dad gets home" and spankings from her were probably more frequent than from my Dad.

At what age was your last parental spanking?

I can't remember exactly how old I was when I received my last parental spanking, but if I had to guess, I would say 13 or 14 years old.

How often were your spanked at various ages?

In the preschool years, I am sure that the spankings were more frequent - several times per week and sometimes maybe more than once in a day. As I got older, the spankings occurred less frequently, but there was no punishment book with my spankings recorded [that would make interesting reading now I suppose]- so I can't really give accurate statistics.

What was used to spank you?

My Dad mostly used the belt or wooden yard-stick.

My Mom mostly used the wooden yard-stick or the flyswatter [it was sturdy plastic blade attached to a wire handle and still serviceable over 40 years later - they don't build 'em like that anymore].

The housekeeper mostly used the flyswatter or her hand.

My grandfather tended to prefer a switch and would say "I'll take a shillelagh to you". I always thought that was another word for switch and only years later did I learn it is an Irish term meaning a club with a strap - more like a walking cane than a switch. Here is a link if you want more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shillelagh_%28club%29

What was the most common position of your pants and underwear for spanking?

I was never spanked on the bare bottom as a child. Basically, I was spanked on whatever I was wearing at the time - pants, undies, pajamas, bathing trunks, etc. I was threatened with a bare bottom spanking on several occasions, but it never happened. Looking back, I wish that I had gotten spanked on the bare - I guess I feel that I missed out on that.

What position was used [OTK, over bed, etc.] for spankings?

Either bending over grabbing ankles or over the bed mostly. I don't recall ever being taken OTK except for a birthday spanking - never for real punishment.

What were the most common things you were punished for?

Sassing or "talking back", lying, fighting/squabbling with sister, running or playing ball in house, going off without telling someone where I was going, messy room, leaving bike, etc. strown in yard, not doing chores, not doing school work, general disobedience, etc.

Were the spankings formal or informal?

There were no formal or set rituals. Might be spanked in bedroom over the bed, but also might be spanked in living room bending over grabbing ankles.

What other punishments were used other than spanking?

Grounding [not allowed to go anywhere other than school, church, etc. and confined to room when at home], standing in corner, not allowed to watch television, not allowed to ride bike, extra chores [raking grass, pulling weeds, etc.]

If you were your Dad, do you think you would have punished you more or less or the same as you actually received?

Well, if I were my Dad and knew the things that I got away with that he didn't know about, I would have gotten punished more. Absent that knowledge of secret transgressions, probably about the same as what I actually received.

I probably didn't get spanked as much or as severely as some, but got more than others. However, I was basically a good kid and never got into any MAJOR trouble. My Dad really didn't have to spank me to get my attention. He commanded respect and only had to give me a look or speak to me once and I knew to "straighten-up and fly-right". Parents don't get that kind of respect from kids today - because they don't understand how to train up their kids.

Did anyone other than parents ever spank you? If so, who, what did you get and why?

As I stated above, I was also spanked by housekeeper and grandparents.

I was also paddled by a teacher a couple of times when I was in the 5th grade. I think that I got 3 licks [swats] with a wooden paddle while bending over touching toes in the hallway by a male teacher along with some other boys for talking in class. I never got paddling in high school - although they did still paddle and i saw or heard others get it from teachers, coaches and principals.

So that is a brief recollection of my childhood spanking history. I didn't have the experiences of growing up and getting the bare bottom blisterings that so many did - this is a true account and not as exciting as the accounts that many can relate.

For this reason, I don't really focus on my childhood spanking experiences or re-living them. My focus is adult m/m spanking experiences.

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Anonymous said...

My odd interest in spanking did not occur until high school when my coach spanked me bare assed----I had been spanked/paddled at home but other than a form of punishment it did not effect me as it did in high school---Perhaps the fact he was a small statured man and I was big and strong for my age added to the chemistry--I do not know

Anonymous said...

growing up in the 60's rural America getting paddled was very typical for teen guys mom paddled us bare (boys) til 13/14 and after that dad---It hurt but was not for me anything sexual--It was just a typical way of punishing a guy--and life went on fine. the psycho sexual experience came forth only when in high school my football coach paddled/spanked (guys) and me---It was bare and he did it in his office so it was just him and me--I was a big and developed guy and he happened to be small thin guy---I had to place my naked butt over his lap and he spanked me and paddled me---when he was doing it with his hand on my bare butt--it did become sexual for me----for which I was very humiliated----After that spanking was a sex thing---Looking back,I think coach knew exactly what he was doing-- Has any other guys had a coach experience??? thanks cronincharles34@yahoo.com