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When did you realize you like spanking?

Spanking was very common when I was growing up here in Alabama. It was the rule - not the exception - that kids were spanked by parents, teachers, etc.

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I recall that as kids when we "played house" that "the Daddy" and "the Momma" would spank "the child" for some reason - and that was an aspect of "playing house" that always seemed to be constant. Likewise, when we "played school", the teacher or principal would spank the student.

I also remember that if one of my friends got paddled in class at school that we would all be questioning him about it when we went to the boy's room [and perhaps even taking a look at his butt to see if there were any marks]. It was also common for boys to discuss the punishments that they got at home from their dad - almost in the "my dad whips my butt harder than your dad whips yours".

I recall when some cousins who lived in another city visited and for some reason the topic turned to spankings and how they spanked at our schools. My cousins [one a year or two older and the other my age or perhaps a year younger] went to a Catholic school and told us about being spanked by the nuns. They said that the nuns would make boys lower their pants and undies and paddle them on the bare bottom. I attended public schools and pants were never pulled down for paddlings - so this was of great interest to me even as a young boy still in elementary school.

As I progressed into adolescence, like most boys I was curious about everything sexual and about the changes to my body. At some point, I discovered my Dad's stash of "girlie magazines" [mostly soft porn] that he kept on the top shelf in his bedroom closet. I would sneak peeks at them - always being careful to put them back in the same order they were in, so that my Dad would not know that I had been plundering through his things. During some plundering in the hall closet, I discovere an old piece of hand luggage where my dad had stashed some of the older items from his collection [the more recent ones were on the shelf in his closet]. I would look at them and then put them back in the bag. I remember that one time I had some of them out and my Dad came home unexpectedly, but I was able to sneak them back into the bag in the hall closet without him realizing what was going on.

When I was about 13 years old [I don't remember the exact age but I know it was when I was going through puberty], I was changing and more and more curious about the things in those magazines. An interesting point about those magazines is that a lot of them were a magazine titled "Mr." that is no longer published [to my knowledge]. Those "Mr." magazines often had letters and stories that dealt with spankings [most often the fathers spanking daughters or wives, but sometimes letters or stories where a boy was spanked by his father or aunt or teacher, etc.]. The bag in the hall closet had some back issues of "Mr." magazine along with one little booklet that would have been classified as "harder core porn" [it showed pictures of a threesome - 2 women and 1 man - and showed the women doing things together as well as getting fucked by the man].

Well, I took some of the "Mr." back issues and hid them in my room so that I could read them in privacy at night with my door closed. I recall reading a letter or story in one of those "Mr." back issues where a boy had not done his school work and his teacher kept him after school and she took her hairbrush out of her purse and took down his pants and briefs and put him over her lap and blistered his bare butt with her brush. I had my first active cum shot while reading that - I had cum before but it had been during wet dreams. I had been masturbating before that and had leaked pre-cum but never had cum. It was so exciting to realize that I could do that and after that first time, I wanted to do it all the time [just like all teen boys].

Spanking - or at least reading and thinking about it - was associated with my first cum shot while jacking off. I may have liked spanking before then, but that is the seminal moment [pun intended] to which I can look back and say that I knew that spankings excited me.

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