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About Me - My Spanking Profile

Name: Rob
Email: rob.bham@yahoo.com
[rob DOT bham AT yahoo DOT com]
Location: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Age: 55 [born July 1962]
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200

REAL DISCIPLINE SPANKINGS - give and get [50/50]

I am in Birmingham, Alabama and interested in giving and getting REAL spankings. If you are in the area or planning to travel to the area, lets talk about our mutual interests. I also like to travel - so it might be possible to arrange a meeting even if you are not located in my immediate area - it never hurts to ask.

LOOKING FOR: I am willing to engage in role play or just do the spanking without any role play. Possible role play includes dad/ son, big brother/ little brother, principal or teacher/ student, coach/ jock, cop/ speeder, store security/ shoplifter, boss/ employee, pledge master/ pledge, or make a suggestion.

I prefer to spank guys who are my age or younger [must be at least 18] and get spanked by younger or older [but not into guys old enough to be my dad]. I also prefer guys who are reasonably height/ weight proportionate [a few extra pounds is okay].

Can also get into shaving, mouth soaping, corner time, and other humiliation along with the spanking.

Sex might be possible if the chemistry is right between us, but spanking not sex is the primary goal.

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GROWING UP: Yeah I was spanked growing up, but never on the bare like I get it now. Mostly got it with the belt or yardstick [occasionally a switch] on whatever I was wearing at the time - pants, PJ's, bathing suit, etc. - bent over grabbing ankles or over the bed. Got paddled a couple of times in school in the 5th grade - bending over touching toes in the hallway by a male teacher along with some other boys from class. Never got it in high school - although they did still paddle and I saw or heard others get it from teachers, coaches and principals.

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PAIN: When giving, I respect all limits but I am looking to give or get REAL spankings. REAL spankings do hurt and leave the bottom red, hot, stinging and sore. The recipient should be squirming, kicking, yelling and begging - and perhaps crying REAL tears before the spanking is completed.

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LOOK LIKE: Everyone has to make their own judgment on whether someone is attractive, but most tell me that I am attractive or handsome. I have thick brown hair and dark brown eyes. I am clean cut with a short neat haircut and clean shaven face. My body is not very hairy but I am not completely smooth; although my butt doesn't have much hair [and it can be shaved if necessary before a spanking]. Some say that I look like a preppy former frat boy - although I never was in a fraternity [but I wish I had been to experience the paddling and hazing] but willing to play the frat boy role. My appearance can probably best be described as a conservative clean cut business type when dressed in a suit and tie; and preppy casual when dressed in jeans or shorts and a button-down or polo. I have photos and willing to trade pics with you prior to meeting [you MUST have pics to trade also if you are interested in meeting me].

IMPLEMENTS: I have a LARGE collection of spanking implements including paddles, belts, brushes, spoons, straps, tawses, canes, crops, etc. My hand is always available and it is possible to cut a switch.


* OTK with hand, small paddle, wooden spoon, bath brush, etc
* Bent over assuming the position for frat paddle or school paddle
* Bent over the back of a chair for cane or tawse
* Lying face down on bed for belt or razor strop
* Restrained for any of the above

Spankings can start on pants or undies or bare - but regardless of how they start, all spanking end on the bare butt.

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See below for SpankingTube slideshows of my Spanking Implements and Other Toys:

Spanking Toy Collection

Other Toy Collection

ACTIVE: I was never a jock in high school - I was too little and skinny then. I finally filled out and a few people have asked me if I played football in high school - but I probably weighed less than some of the cheerleaders - so I didn't. I am certainly not an athlete but I do make it up off the couch from time-to-time and even make it to the gym [although not as much as I should - maybe someone can MOTIVATE me].

OTHER LOCATIONS: Can travel throughout Alabama and the nearby states of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee - esp. Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans. I have traveled  to Chicago for some of the Spanking Parties, Chicago for IML [International Mr Leather held Memorial Day weekend], Chicago for Northalsted Market Days [held in early August], New Orleans for Southern Decadence [Labor Day weekend], San Francisco for Folsom Street Fair [last Sunday in September], Bad Ass Weekend in Augusta, GA [held in mid-October],  MoonBurn Spanking Party in Los Angeles [held first Saturday of every month],the San Francisco Men's Spanking Party before Folsom Street Fair, and the Atlanta Male Spank party [held 2nd Saturday of month at 1763].  Always seeking new places to visit and new spanking buddies - so a road trip is definitely possible.

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OTHER PROFILES [you may need to login to the sites to view profiles]:

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You are welcome to join any of my groups if you are interested. You can also contact me directly if you are interested in communicating about our mutual interests and perhaps meeting for spanking fun.

If you are interested, please send an email and tell me about yourself including your age, stats and your spanking interests. If you are interested in meeting, please have a recent pic that shows your face available for trade [NO EXCEPTIONS].

NOTE: I have spent time and effort in composing a detailed post. I will give priority in responding to those who make the effort to compose a detailed reply. If you send a one sentence reply just saying "I am interested" ... there better be "a picture worth a thousand words" attached if you want a reply.

I am looking forward to making new contacts for lots of spanking fun.

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Yahoo Group: Gay_Male_Spank
Yahoo Group: Gay_Domestic_Discipline_and_Dating
Yahoo Group: Alabama_Male_Spanking
Google Group: Folsom-MM-Spanking

Note: This profile was adapted and enhanced based on my profile which was posted at the former GUYSPANK site. Thanks to Jake for all the years he dedicated to GUYSPANK. Jake, the GUYSPANK founder, died in June 2007 - Rest in Peace, Jake.