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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Locker Room Initiation

SpankThis: Kyle gets it over the bed

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SpankThis: Casper Benz spanks Jordan Carter

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Spanking Central - Seth: Dean of Discipline - Paddled Again

Model: Seth
Title: The New Dean of Discipline Seth Paddled Again
Preview Clip Duration: 1:36
Full Video Duration: 16:07
Date of Publication: 2005-08-19
Description: It hasn't taken long for Seth to be sent back to the Dean's office for the 2nd time, due to continued problems with tardiness. As Seth was warned after the 1st time, this time the pants come down and the paddling is administered "bare butt!"

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Oh, it's the spanking that makes them so nice

Excerpt from Donald Kraybill: The Patient and Disciplined Faith of the Amish

I told Hannah, an Amish mother of seven, that many non-Amish people are astonished that Amish offspring are so quiet, well mannered and well behaved. "Why might that be?" I asked. Without hesitation or a trace of humor, she responded, "Oh, it's the spanking that makes them so nice."

Hannah explained that, when children are about two years old, their wills need to be broken. If it's not done at that stage, she said, they will likely become disobedient, rebellious adults. The spanking helps correct them and "make them nice." Another mother explained that when children learn to fold their hands at prayer time, they are old enough to be reprimanded with light spanks when disobedient.

Amish parents turn to the words of King Solomon to support corporal discipline: "He that spareth his rod hateth his son; but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes" (Proverbs 13:24). They also note that the book of Hebrews suggests that God disciplines Christians as a father disciplines a son and that such discipline yields "the peaceable fruit of righteousness" (Hebrews 12:11).

Parents are quick to say, however, that spanking and other forms of physical discipline should never be done in anger or frustration. The child should understand the reason for discipline so that "punishment ends on a happy note, sweet and forgiving," says Naomi, a mother. She adds that because correction ultimately "leads to happiness ... [discipline] must be the result of our love for the child's happiness, both now and in the hereafter."

These links -- between spanking, happiness and heaven -- provide the framework for Amish child discipline, an approach that nurtures obedience instead of individuality. It's a framework that disturbs modern sensitivities. Naomi disagrees. In fact, she believes that letting children go without discipline is "the cruelest kind of child abuse." She poses the question rhetorically: "Now wouldn't it be abusive above all abuses to withhold from our children the training they need for a life of discipline and self-control, of service to God?"

This countercultural view of child rearing lies at the heart of Amish society. We can praise the Amish for their forgiving response at Nickel Mines and we may yearn for a simpler and less frazzled Amish-style life. We may even seek to sew some patches of Amish faith onto our own spirituality and instill some old-fashioned virtues into the lives of our own children. Such fine intentions will fail, the Amish contend, without a generous dose of obedience training.

French Protests

Oral Roberts' Gay Grandson: It Gets Better

The grandson of antigay televangelist Oral Roberts has a message for “my people — homosexuals.” It gets better.

Randy Robert Potts (pictured), a former middle school English teacher now pursuing a career as a writer, says in a column and accompanying video for The Washington Post that his grandfather “and most of his generation” describe gay people “as an abomination.”

In the video, Potts talks about his uncle Ronald David Roberts. Ronald came out to his father in high school. According to Potts, Oral Roberts “did not want a gay son,” and when Ronald was in his 30s, six months after getting a divorce, he shot and killed himself.

Potts says that his mother, like her father, does not want a gay son. At his grandfather’s funeral just last year, Potts says his mother told him that “hell does exist, and I’m going there.”

In the years since coming out, Potts says he’s lived in fear of losing his children because he’s gay. He says he even considered suicide, but with help and time, it got better.

Watch Potts’s video below and read his Washington Post column here.

Sting: Rich, Martin, Louie & Alistair

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Harris says paddling days are over in city schools!

From the Monroe (Louisiana) Free Press

Tuesday there was a lively discussion at the Monroe City School board meeting about corporal punishment.

It appears that the new superintendent wants to eliminate corporal punishment.

There are many across the nation who agree with the superintendent's opinion that corporal punishment has outlasted its time.

Actually, the board's present policy is pretty lenient. It allows students to get a spanking for bad behavior as long as the teacher follows the rules.

The rules are that students can't be spanked in front of other students to embarass them. Neither can teachers invent their own straps. The board has designated the size of the paddle (It's so thin that it can only sting a little but never really hurt).

The board has even limited the number of "licks" that can be administered to three.

To be sure that the rules are followed another teacher has to observe the spanking.

The teachers say the threat of spanking helps them keep order and it is the only thing that restrains some of the more aggressive students.

Well, if the superintendent has her way, that policy will be gone.

That's a question for the educators to decide. I do know that if the present policy was in place when I was a student at J.S. Clark, Carver and Lincoln, I would have laughed every day and made fun of that little bitty paddle.

I recall once Mrs. Zerita Thompson brought an automobile fan belt to class and laid it on her desk. She burned my hands many times because I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

I remember getting spankings in class for not having my homework. On an especially lazy weekend I showed up to class without homework and received ten licks in my hands in every class.

It became entertainment for the class watching me and others do our little dance day after day.

Mr. Matthew Williams was the principal of Carroll Jr. High. He had big hands and was a football coach. His licks hurt.

He spent so much time paddling us until he had a designated paddler, Mr. Roy Neal Shelling.

Every student that broke the rules was marched to Mr. Shelling's room on his free period and he spent his free period paddling boys on the buttocks and girls in the hands.

Mr. Shelling thought the paddling was a teachable moment. He decided to teach us math while he paddled us.

He took the trash can and told me to bend over the trash can. "That is a 45 degree angle," he said.

He then swung that paddle with a force that was hard enough to sting but not hard enough to injure.

Upon impact I jumped up straight. When I straighted up, jumping around and holding my behind he said, "Now that you are standing up straight, that's a 180 degree angle."

When I turned around and around, he said, "That's a 360 degree turn."

Shelling spanked everybody. Often he didn't know what he was spanking them for; but everyone left with stinging pants, a story to tell and a claim to fame.

Some of us thought we were smart. We knew we would be spanked so we wore two or three pair of pants, took our licking and kept on ticking.

The school board's present policy would have been laughable back in the day. Only three licks? With that little bitty paddle, are you serious?

The nice girls got three licks. The tough boys got 10 licks even 20 or 25 depending on how tough they tried to be.

It will be interesting to find out what happens once students learn that they can't be paddled anymore and they can actually get a three day vacation if they break school rules, fight or become too aggressive.

Like mama, the principal loved them but had the power to "beat your behind."

No paddle at all? Students will love Dr. Harris!