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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spanking Central - Anton: "Scenes from the Punishment Room

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Obama spanks the Supremes

Jan 28, 2010
Last night, when President Barack Obama turned to the Supreme Court Justices seated front-and-center and said "With all due deference to the separation of powers," I thought I heard this shout from the heavens: "Bully!"

It was the voice of Theodore Roosevelt, of course, and he must have known what was coming: a presidential spanking over last weeks' decision to allow foreign corporations to purchase Senate and House seats — and the White House itself — like they buy VIP boxes at football games.

To be fair, the Court's decision, announced exactly a week ago, didn't single out foreign corporations. All corporations benefit from the Justices' largess (as do unions). Also, corporations can't buy the seats directly. They are forced to endure the inconvenience of buying a campaign, a more complicated process, although the result is the same.

After the Court's decision, but before the State of the Union address, I wrote quoting TR on the dangers corporate power poses for democracy and stated that if Roosevelt were president he would go over the Supreme Court and give the errant five Justices a good thrashing. Will Obama measure up to the standard set by TR? I wondered.

The Bulliest Pulpit of All

It turns out that Obama has a far better sense of Rooseveltian theatre.

Don't go to them. Wait for them to come to you.

Wait until the the eyes of the nation are on you, with the full Congress gathered around.

Wait until every political pundit in the nation is hanging on every word, noting every nuance of phrasing, emphasis and body language.

Then turn to the Justices (so that the cameras will track your gaze) and say, "With all due deference…"

And then kick the shite out of them.

I defer to the president in this case. That's exactly what TR would have done.

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