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Saturday, January 23, 2010


iSpank Deluxe (iPhone app)

Need to keep your minions in line? Have an unruly co-worker that you've always wanted to smack with a frying pan? Looking for something fun to break the ice and start a conversation? If so, iSpank is for you.

Whether at school, in the office or on the dance floor, there's always a need for discipline - and iSpank puts the power in your hands. Use it as a prank or just to get a quick laugh. Choose from an array of spanking toys such as a paddle, a whip, a bottle - yes, even a chicken. Each toy makes its own funny noise sure to turn heads and grab attention.

To spank, simply swing the iPhone (or iPod Touch) towards your target and flick your wrist. Be sure to hold on - you may be laughing too hard to keep a good grip.

The Deluxe version includes the awesomely fun Spank-o-meter which measures the strength of your swing strongman style. Compare your swing with your friends. Who spanks the hardest? It's loads of fun!

Screen Shots


Yoshi Maxx by Boynapped

Yoshi Maxx only to willingly submits to his master's demands in this video and is soon on his knees giving an expert blow-job after a good spanking. Gagged and chained to a work bench, Yoshi finds the whole experience a real turn on which means it's no surprised that once released, he makes no attempt to escape his naughty captors.
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