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My First Adult M/M Spanking

When I was in college, I tried to get my girlfriend [yes, I dated girls] to spank me. However, she was wasn’t into it at all and probably thought that I was nuts. She was afraid that she was hurting me and SHE actually started crying. She didn’t understand that I wanted the spanking to hurt. She didn’t understand that the centers for pleasure and pain are very close and even connected for some of us. Several years later, I tried the spanking thing with another girl, but she really wasn’t into it either. Neither of them gave me the kind of spanking that I wanted. I guess I was just so nice and lovable that they had no desire to hurt me.

I was 31 years old before I received my first spanking as an adult from another man. I had seen an advertisement for an adult BBS [bulletin board service] in the back of Penthouse Variations magazine [yes, I was still looking at straight porn and had not had any m/m sex at the time].

Through the BBS, I happened to locate a man in my area [or perhaps he located me – I don’t remember now]. I chatted with him about my curiosity and interest in being spanked. He had spanked a couple of men previously, but he dated [and maybe was engaged] to a woman. He was older than me – perhaps in his early 40s and wanted to give me a spanking and I wanted to get spanked.

This was in the days before scanners and digital cameras were common and everyone didn’t have photos to trade online. We talked on the telephone and then arranged to meet in public. We met in a parking lot of a grocery store about a mile from my house. After sizing each other up, we decided to proceed and I invited him to ride with me to my house.

He was about my height or maybe a bit taller. He wasn’t a lot older than me, but he was slightly balding and looked older than his actual age – while I have always looked younger than my actual age. So the effect was that he appeared old enough to be an authority figure. He wasn’t wearing a suit and tie, but he did have on dress slacks and a long sleeve dress shirt – so there was the sense of authority in his attire as well.

He placed a straight back chair in the middle of the living room floor and called me over to stand in front of him. Then he told me to undress completely and I stripped while he watched me. I think he intended it to embarrass or humiliate me by making me strip, but I have never been that modest or ashamed to be naked – so it was probably a bit exciting to me.

He had me get over his knees [OTK] and he spanked me with his hand on my bare bottom. He spanked reasonably hard until my bare bottom was red and stinging. I did not cry or even beg and he was amazed that I was able to take as much as I did since it was my first time. He didn’t make me count the spanks and I don’t know exactly how many I got, but he later estimated that I got somewhere between 80 and 100 spanks on my bare bottom that first time.

I wasn’t totally erect for my spanking, but I was excited as I leaked pre-cum on his trousers. That probably should have earned me additional spanks, but it didn’t that time. He told me that I had taken more spanks and better than the other guys he had spanked. He said that he had spanked me harder and that the other guys would have been begging and didn’t take it nearly as well. It made me proud that I could take more of a spanking than other guys that had been spanked more times than me.

Afterward, we talked about spanking and he shared some of his other spanking experiences with me. He also told me about his bi-sexual encounter with another man – actually he and his girlfriend and another couple – his girlfriend and the other girl did each other [every straight man’s ultimate fantasy is to see girl/girl sex] and then they told their boyfriends that it was their turn. I was curious at the time about m/m sex but had never done anything – and did not with him – there was not any sexual attraction. My first m/m sex would happen about a year later when I was 32 with a 23 year old guy [and he was the experienced one].

After I took him back to his car, I came back home and later that night in bed [with my red stinging bare bottom], I replayed the entire spanking as I jacked off and shot my load. I probably had dreams of spanking but I rarely remember my dreams.

I do remember the next day, I was sitting at my desk and I could still feel the warmth and sting of my spanking from the night before. It’s a wonder that I was able to keep from getting a boner and having to go to the men’s room and jack off, but somehow I managed to wait until I got home.

I know that this has been a bit long, but I hope that you enjoyed this account of my first adult m/m spanking as much as I enjoyed recalling it. My first spanking wasn’t the hardest spanking I have ever gotten or even the best spanking I have ever gotten – but it was the first and for that reason it is special.

I met this spanker again and in addition to a hand spanking, I got spanked with a ping pong paddle and his belt in practically every room of the house. He was inspecting the rooms and punished me if the room was not clean and neat. He had told me that he wore his hand out the first time on my tough butt and that he was going to use the paddle and belt this time.

Well... that's my first time ... let's hear about yours ...
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