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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sex Addiction "Treatment" - Reinforcement

I understand there is a long waiting list for this "treatment" facility ...

The Sex Addict and Tommy - CJ and Tommy Defendi

CJ the sex addict is at his usual game. Trying to get into everybody's pants at the psych ward, he ends up in a straight jacket and CB-6000 chastity device. Tonight is Tommy Defendi's first graveyard shift at the ward and also his first contact with CJ. Tommy is bored out of his mind and he's looking for something to pass his time. While wearing the humbler, CJ is willing to take all the abuse from Tommy as long as he gets Tommy's big cock.

Link to trailer and other pics at BoundGods

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Sex Addiction "Treatment"

I wonder if the Sex Addiction Treatment Facility that Tiger Woods checked in offers this kind of "treatment" sessions !?!?

The Sex Addict - CJ and Dak Ramsey

It's midnight and the burly nurse Dak Ramsey stands guard alone in the psych ward. Making his rounds, Dak finds CJ the sex addict tied up in his cell. CJ is wiggling his cock and begging for Dak's cock. Our burly nurse decides to take it upon himself to cure CJ of his ailment. Dak uses electricity on CJ's cock, but that just made him even hornier. Dak tries to beat the devil out of him with a flogger but he has no luck. In the end, both get really horny and fuck until the sun comes up.

Link to Trailer and more pics at BoundGods

Risque uses for school uniforms

An eBay seller has been retailing uniforms from secondary schools and junior colleges here - but the catch is who his target buyers are.

The uniforms are categorised as costumes and re-enactment attire. They are labelled with their school's name followed by words like 'Adult Girl Spanking' or 'Adult Boy Spanking'.

The seller, who wanted to be known only by his username sgskyboy, said: 'Most of the people buy uniforms to wear for party or function purposes. However, they are also used in role-play.

'I am told by overseas buyers they often play the roles of headmaster and student. Spanking or caning is one of the main types of play involved.'

Link to complete article here

Priest accused of 'overzealously spanking' boy

A priest on loan to the Diocese of Monterey has returned to his home base in Ohio after allegations surfaced last week that he "overzealously spanked" a boy more than 35 years ago.

The Rev. Ron Wiecek, who belongs to the Holy Order of Most Precious Blood, has been on loan to the Diocese of Monterey for the past 20 years, said spokesman Warren Hoy.
Hoy said Wiecek is accused of spanking the boy, now in his 40s, in 1974 while he was a teacher for the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

Wiecek will remain at his home church in Ohio, he said, while the allegations are investigated.

"We, the bishop, have revoked Father Ron's faculties," Hoy said. "(Wiecek) is not allowed to serve as a priest in the diocese while the allegation is being investigated."

According to the diocese, Wiecek has worked as a teacher at Palma and Notre Dame high schools.