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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Haze Him presents Sigma Hazing

Fraternity brothers haze a young pledge!

Obama spanks GOP

The GOP-TV network ended its viewing week with Obama's Q-and-A session with Republicans. I'm not saying the boys on the other side of the aisle bent over and set themselves up for a well-deserved spanking at every turn – but if the theme music for the next session isn't "(Lookin' Like a Fool) With Your Pants on the Ground", some wanna-be marketing genius will have passed up the opportunity of a lifetime.

Link to Nance Gregg's Journal

Friday, January 29, 2010

Safer Spank house

Safer Spank house, originally uploaded by Neil C..

The Vent: "bi-polar" cure

When I was growing up as a child a quick spanking cured all the "bi-polar" kids I knew!

Link to The Vent | Atlanta Journal Constitution

Spanking Central - Chase: "Scenes from the Punishment Room"

Preview Clip Duration: 2:41
Full Video Duration: 8:33

Description: Chase returns to The Punishment Room for an introduction to the Spanking Block and a taste of the 3-Rod Birch!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spanking Central - Anton: "Scenes from the Punishment Room

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Full Video Duration: 8:57

Description: Anton returns to The Punishment Room for an introduction to the Spanking Block and a taste of our 3-Fingered leather strap!

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Obama spanks the Supremes

Jan 28, 2010
Last night, when President Barack Obama turned to the Supreme Court Justices seated front-and-center and said "With all due deference to the separation of powers," I thought I heard this shout from the heavens: "Bully!"

It was the voice of Theodore Roosevelt, of course, and he must have known what was coming: a presidential spanking over last weeks' decision to allow foreign corporations to purchase Senate and House seats — and the White House itself — like they buy VIP boxes at football games.

To be fair, the Court's decision, announced exactly a week ago, didn't single out foreign corporations. All corporations benefit from the Justices' largess (as do unions). Also, corporations can't buy the seats directly. They are forced to endure the inconvenience of buying a campaign, a more complicated process, although the result is the same.

After the Court's decision, but before the State of the Union address, I wrote quoting TR on the dangers corporate power poses for democracy and stated that if Roosevelt were president he would go over the Supreme Court and give the errant five Justices a good thrashing. Will Obama measure up to the standard set by TR? I wondered.

The Bulliest Pulpit of All

It turns out that Obama has a far better sense of Rooseveltian theatre.

Don't go to them. Wait for them to come to you.

Wait until the the eyes of the nation are on you, with the full Congress gathered around.

Wait until every political pundit in the nation is hanging on every word, noting every nuance of phrasing, emphasis and body language.

Then turn to the Justices (so that the cameras will track your gaze) and say, "With all due deference…"

And then kick the shite out of them.

I defer to the president in this case. That's exactly what TR would have done.

Link to article below:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gawker blurb: "...give him a spanking ourselves"

It seems Vilensky has learned his lesson, but if he hasn't we will personally take him out behind Anderson Cooper's boyfriend's gay bar and give him a spanking ourselves.

This is from Gawker story: Gay Reporter Blames Gay Magazine for Not Knowing Gay Actor May Be Gay

Any VOLUNTEERS for leather night (with a spanking machine)

Chrome Pony Goes After a Different Clientele

By Matthew Everetton January 27, 2010 4:47 PM

There have been rumors for a few months now that the Chrome Pony Saloon on Alcoa Highway might undergo a surprising sort of rebranding, from a biker bar to a gay bar. Turns out it's true--it's always a fine line between the two anyway. The grand re-opening of "Knoxville's Newest Gay Showbar" is set for Valentine's Day weekend, starting on Friday, Feb. 12.

The club's being operated by Terry Kenner, whose T Rex Productions used to host events at the Electric Ballroom (now the Valarium). They'll have drag shows, leather night (with a spanking machine!), and bar food.

Here's the old Chrome Pony website, which features a Hawaiian Tropic model search promotion. It won't be like that anymore--one of the new club's featured performers will be Justin Timberlake impersonator and Mr. Gay United States 2007 Kayleb Kash.

Spanking Central - Axel: "Faces of Discipline"

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Description: In this fourth installment in this series, Axel gets a red hot dose of the dad's belt, while spread-eagled on the bed. Think a boy who got into a fight in school, and has to pay the price when he gets home.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


SPANK ME, originally uploaded by ifixfones1.

I found your bumper sticker. You know who you are!

Another 'Spanking Judge' story

'Spanking Judge' seeks re-election
Opponent was chief deputy for jailed sheriff
By Ryan Wolf
Monday, January 25, 2010 at 11:34 p.m
The battle for Cameron County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 6, Place 1, pits two candidates against each who were linked to stories that made national headlines.

The incumbent is Gus Garza. He's a judge who's known for the paddle option that he gave to parents against their kids in court.

His opponent in the democratic March primaries is Juan Mendoza, Jr. He's a former second-in-rank to the Valley's most notorious ex-sheriff, Conrado Cantu.

Neither candidate said they plan to exploit the other person's perceived controversy during the campaign, but they do agree in the facts behind one another.

"I'm not for spanking or allowing parents to spank in front of the public," said Mendoza.

Judge Garza still has a paddle hanging in his court.

This even after a public reprimand by the State for allowing parents the option to spank their kids in lieu of a fine.

"Yes, I did offer the option… and the option exists," said Garza.

The judge believes voters will rally behind his approach to justice on the bench, and will see the positive changes as a result in the community.

Mendoza has his own set of challenges before him.

Chief among them: the ability to separate himself from his former boss-- who's behind federal bars on a racketeering conviction.

"Whatever happened to him (Conrado Cantu)... whatever he did... I have nothing to do with that... No knowledge... And in my opinion did the best I could at the sheriff's department," explained Mendoza.

Voters like Edward Ramirez said there is no clear-cut winner.

Others just like him, Ramirez said, have a difficult choice to make in the election.

"I think voters are going to have a lot to think about this year with who they're going to vote for."

Click on the video link to see the report that aired Monday night and to view additional background information behind each candidate.

Link to complete article with photos and video

Read the original "Spanking Judge" story by Ryan Wolf

Gridiron Gang Bang

If Coach catches them ... they will all get paddled ...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sex Addiction "Treatment" - Reinforcement

I understand there is a long waiting list for this "treatment" facility ...

The Sex Addict and Tommy - CJ and Tommy Defendi

CJ the sex addict is at his usual game. Trying to get into everybody's pants at the psych ward, he ends up in a straight jacket and CB-6000 chastity device. Tonight is Tommy Defendi's first graveyard shift at the ward and also his first contact with CJ. Tommy is bored out of his mind and he's looking for something to pass his time. While wearing the humbler, CJ is willing to take all the abuse from Tommy as long as he gets Tommy's big cock.

Link to trailer and other pics at BoundGods

Be sure to see my previous post

Sex Addiction "Treatment"

I wonder if the Sex Addiction Treatment Facility that Tiger Woods checked in offers this kind of "treatment" sessions !?!?

The Sex Addict - CJ and Dak Ramsey

It's midnight and the burly nurse Dak Ramsey stands guard alone in the psych ward. Making his rounds, Dak finds CJ the sex addict tied up in his cell. CJ is wiggling his cock and begging for Dak's cock. Our burly nurse decides to take it upon himself to cure CJ of his ailment. Dak uses electricity on CJ's cock, but that just made him even hornier. Dak tries to beat the devil out of him with a flogger but he has no luck. In the end, both get really horny and fuck until the sun comes up.

Link to Trailer and more pics at BoundGods

Risque uses for school uniforms

An eBay seller has been retailing uniforms from secondary schools and junior colleges here - but the catch is who his target buyers are.

The uniforms are categorised as costumes and re-enactment attire. They are labelled with their school's name followed by words like 'Adult Girl Spanking' or 'Adult Boy Spanking'.

The seller, who wanted to be known only by his username sgskyboy, said: 'Most of the people buy uniforms to wear for party or function purposes. However, they are also used in role-play.

'I am told by overseas buyers they often play the roles of headmaster and student. Spanking or caning is one of the main types of play involved.'

Link to complete article here

Priest accused of 'overzealously spanking' boy

A priest on loan to the Diocese of Monterey has returned to his home base in Ohio after allegations surfaced last week that he "overzealously spanked" a boy more than 35 years ago.

The Rev. Ron Wiecek, who belongs to the Holy Order of Most Precious Blood, has been on loan to the Diocese of Monterey for the past 20 years, said spokesman Warren Hoy.
Hoy said Wiecek is accused of spanking the boy, now in his 40s, in 1974 while he was a teacher for the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

Wiecek will remain at his home church in Ohio, he said, while the allegations are investigated.

"We, the bishop, have revoked Father Ron's faculties," Hoy said. "(Wiecek) is not allowed to serve as a priest in the diocese while the allegation is being investigated."

According to the diocese, Wiecek has worked as a teacher at Palma and Notre Dame high schools.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The evolution of a punishment

From Abilene Reporter News Online

In my government course at the University of Texas in Austin, I learned that crime is an act declared to be illegal and made punishable by the body politic. The body politic is the citizens of the community; city, county, state or nation. By vote, the citizens decide what is legal, and what is illegal. Nothing is set in stone. Even the Constitution can be amended by a sufficient number of votes. So, a crime is what the citizens want it to be.
Punishment, also, is a matter decided by the body politic — decided by citizens, not set in stone. Our Constitution states in Article VIII, "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines be imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted."
Some people spread their confusion as to what constitutes "cruel and unusual." When the Constitution was written, burning at the stake was considered cruel, but it was done in Salem, Mass. Keelhauling, in which wrists and ankles are tied by a rope and the person is pulled under the keel of a boat, and cut by barnacles; or drawing and quartering, which involve cutting off arms, legs and buttocks; are generally considered cruel and unusual today. Today, a punishment such as spanking with the hand, or whipping with the belt, are considered cruel by some. Being confined in the stocks, with wrists and ankles secured, was once considered a psychological punishment that worked! Today, free room and board in a jail is considered punishment. Soon, I expect, having to go without body tattoos will be considered punishment.
The United States leads the world in producing prisoners. The United States is a training school for professional and amateur criminals. One of every 20 adults in Texas, or one of every 100 Americans, is either in prison, jail, on probation or parole. The cost is $62.01 per inmate per day, or $68,747,203,000 spent in 2006. Where does this money go? Among the expenses are police, guards, city, county, state and federal prosecuting attorneys, and judges (many of whom started as lawyers and identify with criminals, and grant probation). Also, there are those who try to redeem criminals, or breed with them. What do we get for this expense? A 2002 study showed 67.5 percent were rearrested within three years, and 51.8 percent were back in prison. To make matters worse, many of those returned may escalate the severity of their crimes.
Nonviolent, victimless offenses, such as cocaine and marijuana use, make up nearly 50 percent of the U.S. prison population, and they could be legalized and taxes paid. Cocaine used to be in Coca-Cola, and no one was harmed by its use. By contrast, drunken drivers try to go between the two trees of their hallucination, or hit another vehicle and kill someone.
When it comes to crime and punishment, Singapore is a model for the U.S. to emulate. Those addicted get rehabilitation, while pushers get caning, if they are lucky, and not execution. Singapore was one of the first countries in the world to use naltrexone, a narcotic antagonist that nullifies the effects of heroine on users. The idea is to treat victims and execute pushers.
Some have asked how I would like to be caned. Fact is, I wouldn't like it at all. I would avoid doing things that I might get caned for. That, to me, is the whole idea of punishment — to cause people to avoid doing things they might get punished for, and feel pain.

G. Curtis Hoskins, M.D., is a retired consulting pathologist living in Cross Plains.

Training a Master

From GayDemon:
Masters just don't appear out of thin air. No, a good master, like a good slave, needs training. And this session is all about training a new, well-hung master. I've seen Christian Wilde around on other gay porn sites (mainly Next Door Buddies) so I was excited when he decided to crawl into the depraved hole that is Bound Gods. Christian is handsome and he's got a tight, muscled body. Head Master Van Darkholme takes Christian under his tutelage and since the Master feels that doms need to know what they're dishing out, he ties up Christian and gives him a hard flogging. Slave Patrick Rouge is waiting patiently in the metal cage -- what choice does he have? This episode is actually being filmed live, so members are already chiming in with suggestions on how to handle Patrick. Master Van takes Christian through the paces, and together they practice on Patrick. The muscle stud endures the flogger, the cane, butterfly nipple clamps, and the spider gag. And as if poor Patrick hasn't been through enough already, he's corralled in a metal stockade and Christian throws a punishing fuck into him. In the end, Patrick takes two loads of cum all over his welt-covered body. It looks like Christian's training was a success and he'll be back for some more practice sessions on helpless slaves.

Jan 14, 2010 - Van Darkholme, Patrick Rouge and Christian Wilde
Description:  Christian Wilde is handsome as hell. He's a well spoken quiet stud. I see something dark and wicked about him and decide to give him dom training. I feel doms need to know the corporal they are dishing out, so I tie up Christian and give a nice hard flogging. Patrick Rouge is waiting patiently in the metal cage with a spike bottom. I show Christian my flogging technique and how to handle a sub. The members are chiming in through chat on what to do to Patrick. With the members suggestions, Patrick endures the flogger, the cane, foot worshiping, butterfly nipple clamps, the spider gag, metal and rope bondage, a bondage fuck and finally two cum loads to his face. Sincerely, Van Darkholme

Saturday, January 23, 2010