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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CLOSING of Spanking Booth at Folsom Fair announced by Man's Hand Films

This is shared with the permission of Vern at Man's Hand Films

RED TAILS Magazine ~ Issue 81 Winter 2012

Report: Folsom 2011

We need to say at the outset, we are very grateful to everyone who participated in the Folsom Spank Booth sponsored by Man’s Hand Films this September. As a matter of fact: thank you for every last Sunday in September since 1993!

This year’s Fair began as a dreary day. Although the drizzle didn’t help, our disappointing location portended a disaster for fund raising. The situation became at least functional with the assistance of a young man from Folsom Events. In the end we gathered $7591.00 through all efforts associated with the Spank Booth. This includes several generous personal contributions including Manhunt as well as the proceeds from the auction of the Folsom Paddle. The amount raised at the booth was severely disappointing - the lowest since the very first year.

The grand total of $66,335.00 has been raised over these 19 years through contributions from the Spanking Booth for the San Francisco AIDS Emergency Fund.

It has been an enriching experience, and mostly a lot of fun to make this effort work. It could not have been possible without many of you. I want to thank a few very special people by name for their support, hard work, and no small personal expense over the years for this very worthwhile effort. Not to overlook the fact that there was also some pain involved.
Copper, Jason M, Vince, Jeff B, Dennis, John N, Dave Pferde, Jason O, Cliff Warner, Ken, Bobby, Bill S, Scott Tandy, John G, David O, T.A., Eddy Boyd,  Mark

We began this effort to support our community in a way consistent with the spanking fetish at an event dedicated to the support of leather and S&M fetishes of all sorts. There is no other event like the Folsom Street Fair in the world.

We approached the AEF in 1992 and began a 20 year association which we will always treasure. At the time Man’s Hand was located in San Francisco and so the expenses and logistics to support the booth were simple: rent a van and go to the fair. In early September 2000 Man’s Hand had to relocate to Los Angeles and we thought possibly that year might be our last Folsom Street Fair. Through the help of our good friend Dennis in the Bay Area we worked out the equipment storage and transport. Of course we had to add the travel and hotel expense but we made it work for an additional twelve years.

Now the van rental is twice what it was last year. Hotels in San Francisco that weekend have doubled as well and air fares are also going up. Couple all that with the problematic booth location which limits our ability to raise money the day of the Fair we have decided to close the Man’s Hand Spanking Booth at the Folsom Fair.

There are few events like this one which last as long and that is a tribute to your support.

Thank you all.

Gil Connelly