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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Spanking Events - New Blog

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Male/male (M/m) Spanking Parties and Events

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Spanking Parties:

CA - Los Angeles: MoonBurn (1st Sat)

CA - San Francisco: SF Men's Spanking Party (2nd Sun)

DC - Washington: SpankDC (3rd Sat)

GA - Atlanta: ATL Male Spank (2nd Sat @ 1763)

GA - Atlanta: Guy Spank ATL (4th Sat @ M4U)

IL - Chicago: Chicago Spanking Party (varies)

NY - New York City: S.O.S. - Society of Spankers (4th Thu)

Spanking Events:

CA - North of SF: Camp Red Tails (mid-July)

GA - Augusta: Bad Ass Weekend (Oct)

Spanking Colby Keller

Spanking Colby Keller


Our favourite pornstar, with brains, muscles and a sense of humour, makes his Canadian debut at Toronto Pride

Colby Keller is quite possibly one of the hottest, smartest, cutest and most interesting pornstars on the planet. Not only does he know how to have great sex on camera, but he has a blog (bigshoediaries.blogspot.com) that follows his #selfie adventures around the US and a YouTube channel called In Bed with Colby Keller. Colby lover and gay blogger Sissydude spoke to him.

Sissydude: Hey, Colby, how are you?
Colby Keller: Wunderbar! Et toi, Sissydude?

I’m awesome. So, you’ll be in Toronto for Fit Primpin.’ Very exciting!
I’m seriously pumped. Moisturizing my spankin’ hand as we type.

Have you been to Toronto before?
Never! And I used to summer every year at Beach O’ Pines in Grand Bend. I have no excuse.

Well, you will “see penis.” Toronto’s CN Tower is super phallic. And it’s Pride Week. So you know there will be real peen everywhere.
Hopefully much of it inside my body at some point.

I know that you’re a major foodie. Toronto has tons of amazing restaurants. Be prepared!
I’ll remember to bring my jockstrap and my suspenders.

What will you be doing at Fit Primpin’?
Managing a small mom-and-pop spanking booth (minus the mom and double the pop, if you think your booty can handle it).

I hope we have a chance to meet while you’re in town.
Your butt. My hand. Let’s do it.

I’d be honoured! Thanks so much, Colby.