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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Ass Blistering of a Lifetime

The Ass Blistering of a Lifetime

A Series of Whippings Like You Have Never Had Before

Several years ago, I was contacted by a guy from a neighboring state that had seen my profile and knew that I was into spanking. 

Bullet symbols defined:
S  =  Spanker
B   =   bad boy (me)

He sent me an instant message …

S:  I need to come to you and tan that ass good boy – it looks like it can take a lot and I can damn sure give it
b:  well tell me more about yourself and where you are from
S:  I am in ___ and I love to whip ass. I have been spanking for 10+ years and I am good at it. I have a few contacts here and there that I spank on a regular schedule and I don’t mind traveling to do so
S: I only spank on bare ass because that is the way it is suppose to be and I have several different implements but my favorite is a police belt that gets the job done and done well
b:  What is your age, stats?
S:  33 / 5’6” / 150 LBS,  BRWN HAIR/EYES/STACHE
b:  so you like to spank very hard and give real discipline?
S:  yes
S:  straight forward or role play but either way is no nonsense hard discipline
b:  how do you like a discipline session to go
S:  depends on the situation – but regardless of role play or straight forward, you will be stripped naked and go across my lap for a hard OTK with hand and paddle and then made to lay spread eagle on the bed for a very stern thorough session with the strap
b:  sounds very hot
S:  think you can take it?
b:  I think so

We exchanged some pics by email and then continued our online chat …

S:  do you like to role play or just get on with it?  If you do role play – what is your fantasy? The more details the better I can create the scenario
b:  I can do role play or just do the spanking
b:  any role play is cool as long as it is realistic
b:  not really into the dad/son
S:  it is up to you – just tell me what you want and that is what you get
b:  do you have any roles you like to play?
S:  not really – I am flexible and more creative when one is decided on
b:  you said you had a police belt
b:  do you like police scenes
S:  I have done the father/ son, teacher/ student, cop/ law breaker, boss/ employee
S:  They are ok. I like the police belt because it looks menacing and makes a mean sound and works on an ass real good
b:  cop/ law breaker would be hot
b:  and boss/ employee too
b:  could be humiliating for me to have to take it from a smaller guy
S:  yeah – but you will know you have gotten it
b:  you like doing medical scenes?
S:  yeah
S:  doing a physical on an athlete and find that he has been letting the team fuck him and giving him the choice of either taking a whipping from me or tell his coach and parents what has been going on
b:  and do you fuck him then yourself?
S:  sometimes – depends on if the guy is into getting fucked
S:  after he is spanked good and submissive, telling him that I am going to fuck him to show him what it is suppose to feel like and to see if he has learned his lesson as to what he is suppose to do

I sent him some more pics

S:  very nice – but I can make that ass lot a lot worse than that
b:  yeah I bet
b:  what are you going to do to my ass
S:  I am going to blister it good and then fuck the hell out of it
b:  so how long or how much do you give with hand and paddle OTK and how much with the strap
S:  depends on the person and how they react – the hand is usually a few minutes and the cheeks are good and red and he is squirming and my hand hurts before I stop and the paddle is just to get the juices flowing and then the strap usually comes in two sessions – the first one getting a good introduction to it with moderate strokes and the last is no holds barred hard strapping
S:  the more noise you make the better –
S:  I hate guys that just lie there and take it with no emotion
b:  oh yeah, so you want to make me yell and beg
b:  you ever make a guy cry
S:  I have before
S:  that is what he wanted and that is what he got
b:  sounds hot
S:  so when are we going to do this?
S:  and – if you still have the navy uniform [that I was wearing in one of the pics I had sent] you could wear that and we could do the medical scene and turn that into you getting fucked by your crewman and having to surrender to me or tell your commanding officer
b:  yeah I have the uniform

We worked out the date and I planned to arrive around noon.

S:  so do you want to start the role play as soon as you walk in or chill a little first and then start?
b:  well if I am going to wear a uniform I guess we would have to get ready
S:  true
b:  how long of a session do you want? if you are free all evening – you could keep me overnight and give me several sessions including one the next morning before I leave
S:  sounds good to me
S:  I only have a couch for you to sleep on though
b:  that’s ok
S:  you will be sleeping on your stomach anyway
b:  yeah the couch is fine – unless you decide to fuck me all night
S:  that is possible too – you never know
b:  you can decide on the scene and let me know what all I need to bring with me
S:  my wheels are turning – I will set up the scene and send it to you along with what you need to bring
S:  pretty much just your uniform and ass
b:  ;-)
S:  and be ready for a long day and night of giving up your ass to my talents
b:  since we have plenty of time – we can do other scenes if you would like
b:  I think we will have lotsa fun
S:  ok
S:  oh yeah without a doubt
S:  so tell me about the last time you were whipped and what happened
b:  well those pics I sent you of me in the shorts were made Memorial Day weekend at IML
b:  I went and got spanked several times and even went to a spanking party
S:  nice
b:  those pics were of a strapping and caning session from a British guy
b:  at least 50 with the leather straps
S:  that’s a good start
b:  at least 30 with the cane
S:  I have noticed that the British guys really have a thing for the cane
b:  yeah he really likes getting – but he knew how to give it too
b:  he was a shorter guy but he had a barrel like chest and could swing it good
b:  I got some really hard paddling at the spank party
S:  I use to whip a guy in ____ that liked to get caned
b:  one guy went a bit overboard with a paddle with holes and my butt was seeping a bit when he finished
S:  I don’t like paddles too much – they do too much damage too soon
b:  which kinda put an end to more spanking for the night
S:  yeah that would
b:  but no perm damage – all the marks and bruises had faded in less than a week
S:  I spanked a guy a few months ago from ___ who I have spanked off and on over the years. He wanted to be tied up and switched with a birch rod. He got it but I don’t think he liked it at al.
b:  you got any woods up there to take a boy and spank him outdoors?
S:  yeah – I have a barn as well
b:  oh wow
b:  you will have to take me to the barn for a real ass whippin
S:  done
S:  what do you want used on you there?
S:  the birch is still in the water bucket
b:  you might could give me a few with it
b:  but for sure a real ass whipping with a leather strap
S:  you’re on
b:  you will be the boss
b:  and I will take what I have coming
S:  damn right you will
S:  I will work on the scenarios and send them to you


In a day or so, I received an email from my potential Spanker.

Subject: Scenarios

Employee is consistently late for work and he reports to his boss after being late for 4 days in a row and seems to now understand the importance of getting to work on time.

Jock uses profanity on the field during a half time interview. Reports to the coach in only a towel.

Farm worker leaves the gate to a pen open and the herd of cattle escapes while he is on a leave day.  He returns and has to face his boss.

Any other ideas?


I read the scenarios and began to fantasize about the role plays.

The following day, I composed a reply and sent it to my potential Spanker.

Subject: Re: Scenarios

Those scenarios are all great.

Oh shit – I have been late 4 days in a row and now there is a note on my desk that my boss wants to see me. Just what I need with the downsizing going on. I hope I don’t get canned.  Maybe he won’t be too mad and I can work something out.  I’ll just have to do whatever he decides because I can’t lose this job.

Why oh why did I let that reporter get me upset during that interview.  I can’t believe I let him upset me about the way I played in the first half – I can’t believe I said “the other team is cheating and they must be sucking the cocks of those mother fucking refs because nothing is getting called against them”.  The head coach didn’t know I said it at half time but shortly after the second half started he found out about it.  Apparently some of what I said went out of the TV broadcast before they were able to bleep it.  The school AD came down on the side line and told him about it.  He yanked me out of the game and sat me on the bench for the rest of the game.  Before the end of the game, one of the assistant coaches came over and told me to “hit the showers” and to “report to the coach’s office after my shower wearing only my towel”. Oh man, I don’t know what is going to happen – if he kicks me off the team I will lose my scholarship.  I can’t afford this school without a scholarship.  I know he sometimes paddles players for discipline – I wonder if I can get a paddling or something – I just can’t lose my scholarship.

That was a great day off. Now back to the grind. What is this note in my box that the boss wants to see me? I just got back – what could it be? One of the other farm hands sees me and says “your ass is grass” – you left a gate open and the herd got out.  It took all day yesterday to round them up and there are still a few that we haven’t been able to get back in the pens.  The boss was so mad at you for your carelessness – I think he is going to fire your ass.  Oh man, I can’t afford to lose this job.  With the bad economy all these farms in the area have laid off farm hands and I don’t have the training to do anything else.  The other hand said that the boss had punished him before by giving him an ass whippin but that was not for an offense as severe as letting the herd get loose.  I don’t know if you can get off with just an ass whippin but if you do – I bet that you will never forget to close a gate again.  I wonder what I am in for now … and walk to the barn to see the boss…

Another scene that could be fun is that a cop is undercover in an area where gay men cruise for sex and give blow jobs. I approach him and get on my knees and proceed to give him a blow job.  He pulls out his badge and tells me that I am under arrest.  I beg and plead with him not to arrest me.  I will be disgraced because the local paper posts the names and offenses of all the arrests.  I will also lose my job.  He tells me that my dad should have beat my ass when I was a kid and that maybe I would have known better than to have sex in public.  I ask him if he can punish me himself instead of arresting me.  He pauses and seems to be considering it… oh shit what have I asked for …

I am also looking forward to the physical inspection/ navy discipline scene.  I am open to any scenes you would like to do and I have a good imagination and am willing to play other scenes as well.

Looking forward to hearing more from you …


My potential Spanker sent me an email that a family member was coming to visit him and that he would not be able to host me overnight on the date we had scheduled.  So we agreed to reschedule as soon as possible.

A few weeks later, the Spanker messages me …

S:  I am off all next week so what day do you want to come over?
b:  what about Thursday?
S:  works for me
b:  if you have a preference of any other day – let me know
S:  Make sure that ass is ready for the blistering of a life time
b:  yes Sir
S:  I am going to give you a series of whippings like you have never had before
S:  and I noticed the reply to the guy about the first time son, I think we can act that one out as well
b:  you gonna make me cry?
S:  Yes
S:  like a real bad little boy should
S:  most likely more than once
b:  so which scene is first?
S:  which do you want first? It is up to you
b:  I guess which ever scene would be the least harsh and then progress to the harder scenes
b:  which do you expect would be the harshest ass blistering
S:  I would say the harshest besides the trip to the shed would be the letter to a new son since it describes starting out hard, continuing hard and making you cry continuously
S:  just plan on being naked a lot and having a very well whipped sore ass
b:  yes sir
b:  since you have medical training – you will know what my ass can take and when it can’t take any more
b:  I want real punishment – but not damage
S:  you can trust me
S:  you will have a good time
b:  I do want to cry tears if it is possible without damaging me
b:  I do have a high threshold – and it hasn’t happened more than once or twice
b:  other than when a spanker hit my balls with the strap
b:  and immediately tears came to my eyes
S:  I imagine so
S:  you can revert back to a little boy and make all the noise you want and know that it will not do you an good because I know what is best for your sorry little ass
S:  you will have welts and such but they will go away within a few hours of the end of the punishment
b:  that’s cool
b:  when I was in Chicago Memorial Day weekend – I got caned, strapped and paddled
S:  excellent
b:  I had a few bruises – one of the paddles actually broke the skin – but within a week everything was back to normal
S:  here you can expect to be submissive and grateful for the discipline that you receive
S:  that happens once in a while but it usually does not cause any major damage that does not go away in a few days
S:  I usually bruise when I get spanked and it lasts for about 3 or 4 days and then it goes away
S:  and you would never know that I had gotten spanked
b:  several years ago – I got it one time and it took over a month to heal completely
b:  now that was too long
S:  yes, that is way overboard
b:  better to have several sessions and get to play for longer – than one severe one and the fun is over in less than 15 minutes
S:  exactly
S:  we will start with the Navy scene as planned and then the rest that we had thought up and end with the son letter the morning before you leave – how does that sound?
b:  yeah I was thinking that way too
S:  that way you can go to sleep knowing what is coming the next morning
b:  yeah and drive home sitting uncomfortably on a blistered bottom
S:  you can count on that
b:  yes sir
b:  well I better get out of here and get some stuff done
S:  ok
S:  and  BEHAVE !!!  or else !!!


The above chat session referred to an online post titled “Letter to a First Time Son”. 

I had seen the post in an online spanking group and had responded publically on the group to the author asking him to re-enact the scene with me when he was in my area. 

My potential Spanker saw my reply to the group and told me that he would re-enact it with me during my visit – on the morning of my departure. 

The post to the spanking group titled “Letter to a First Time Son” is reproduced below:
Letter to a First Time Son

This is one of my favorite letters.  It is an extract from an actual letter I wrote to a boy seeking a hard punishment spanking.  Unfortunately, I never connected with that fellow, but I’ve re-enacted this scene many times since.  I hope you enjoy it.

Dear first time son,

This letter is to help you understand what you are getting into by asking me to spank you.  I realize that this is something brand new for you.  Hopefully by describing in great detail what will take place, it will calm your fears and let you focus on the important thing:  your need for discipline.

I think you know from my posting that I have spanked over 100 boys in my life.  It is perhaps almost 200 by now.  The sessions are as different as the boys themselves.  Most cry, some stoically try to take it all with a stiff upper lip, and the rest are somewhere in between.  I’ve had boys who needed over 200 whacks before they were appropriately disciplined, and I’ve had boys who had taken all they could handle at 25.  Typically, a first time boy can handle 50-100 whacks. 

Guys who haven’t been spanked as adults typically underestimate the pain a spanking entails.  Even ones who were spanked as children forget that a spanker adjusts the level of force to what the receiving person can handle.  While one should never spank a child more than 5 -10 times, my adult boys get many more than that, and with quite a bit of vigor and force!  My goal is to bring you to tears and to give you enough punishment that you still feel some sting 2 - 3 days later.  That is the level of severity I seek when I need to be spanked myself.

As to what I might use:  I can’t travel with a suitcase full of spanking instruments (my wife wouldn’t totally understand!), so I usually am limited to hairbrush, belt, and hand.  The best spanking tool is a large beach paddle.  It stings a lot of skin at once; making the ass very hot, but usually does not bruise or blister. I would personally want to be spanked with a beach paddle myself if I had to choose only one instrument.  If you wish, you could bring one with you to your first session (in a bad or something, please), but otherwise, we can settle for hairbrush, hand, and belt. 

I realize that it is hard to picture all of this in your mind, so I will try to outline what I picture it will go like.  On our agreed upon night, you will show up at my hotel at 6:30 PM.  You will call me so I can give you a room number.  You will then proceed to my room door, shaking in your shoes and hopefully not wetting your pants!  The adrenaline rush will be greater than anything you have experienced up to that point.  You will work up the courage to knock on the door. 
I will answer.  We both will look different to each other than what we pictured, but we will adjust quite quickly.  I will ask for your name and introduce myself.  It will almost seem like an adopted child talking to a biological father he is meeting for the first time.  I will bring you in the room and we will hug.

We will talk briefly until your nerves calm down slightly.  I will then ask you to remove your clothes in front of me, while I lecture you about your behavior.  I will then escort you to the shower, which you will take quickly and briefly.  After drying off, you will come naked to my bed, where I am sitting with the hairbrush, waiting patiently.  I will prolong the anticipation a bit by staring at you and lecturing you a bit more.  Then I will ask you to lay yourself over my lap and pin your hands under my legs.

I will then give you last minute instructions, reminding you that you are not to remove your hands from under my lap at any time, that you must cry only quietly, since we are in a hotel, and that THIS IS GOING TO HURT.      I will prolong the agony of anticipation just a bit more, and then announce that I am ready to begin.  You will never be as scared in your life as you will be at that moment. 

I will begin with the hairbrush, hitting quite hard and fast so as to bring you to tears as quickly as possible.  At about whack number 15, you will want it all to end as quickly as possible, and you will wonder why you ever did this in the first place.  But you will endure, as all spanked boys must, the additional swats I give.  After 40 swats, I will let you up for your first butt rubbing and spank dance.  You will be crying, rubbing your butt as fast as your hands can move, and alternating between deep squats and hopping around the room. 

Before the pain has a chance to subside, I will then ask you to bend over the bed for the belt portion.  I will give you an additional 40 whacks, alternating from side to side every five or so.  Another spank dance will ensue, but by that time, you will have become used to the pain and the crying will be less intense.

Finally, I will put you back across my lap for as many hand spankings as I feel you can handle.  I will finish with ten hard smacks of the hairbrush, which will leave you crying with all your being.  After a final spank dance, we will being hugging. If you like, I can also rub your butt, helping you to be able to cope with the pain.  The hugging (and rubbing) will go on for about a few minutes.  By that time, you will have experienced the endorphin rush that comes after a spanking.  It will leave your whole body with a warm glow, knowing you have been properly spanked and feeling clean all over.

I will then ask you to get dressed, and we will go down to dinner.  You will squirm at dinner, but you will sit still and enjoy the companionship of your new-found dad.  That time of bonding is always special to me.  After dinner and drinks, you’ll be free to go.

Hopefully what I’ve described is both exciting and scary, and will give you a lot to think about this coming month.  But after knowing these details, I hope that you are ready to commit to a definite night, and that you are anxious (yes, that is the right word) to have this all happen.


[END OF POST: Letter to a First Time Son]

On the agreed upon date, I made the journey to meet my Spanker. 

I arrived and brought in my bags containing the Navy uniform and other clothing plus some of the items from my collection of spanking implements. 

I changed into the Navy uniform and the scene began.  The uniform was very hot on that summer day in his house with no air conditioning, but I knew that would not be dressed for long and my ass would soon be much hotter than the room in which I was standing.

At 6 feet tall, I was a half-foot taller and outweighed him by at least 40 pounds, but I was the bad boy and he was my Spanker.  I was being submissive and obedient to a physically smaller man. 

It has been a number of years since this session and I do not have notes or recordings to refresh my memory about the specifics, so I will just describe what I recall. 

I was dressed in the Navy uniform and my Spanker had assumed the role as a medical crewman giving me a physical inspection.  I don’t recall the exact infraction, but I did not pass his inspection and I agreed to submit to discipline from him in lieu of being reported to my commanding officer. 

There was a bit of spanking and paddling on my Navy breeches but rather quickly I was ordered to take down my pants and the paddling continued on my white briefs before those were lowered to join my pants around my ankles.  He then proceeded to leather my ass with a belt and leather strap until it was red and hot and sore and I was promising to get my act in order. 

I had survived the first in “A Series of Whippings Like You Have Never Had Before”.

We went and got some lunch and as we ate, I was sitting on a well-spanked bottom.  After lunch, we returned to his house to continue my discipline.

We didn’t really act out all of the scenarios that we had discussed that afternoon.  Instead he chose some of the spanking implements that I had brought and had me strip naked and lay on the bed and he proceeded to give me a no-holds-barred ass strapping.  We played around for a while and then we watched some television or a spanking video (or maybe both). 

He said that we needed to wait until later in the day to go to the barn/shed for my ass whippin – as it would be very hot during the mid-afternoon.  I don’t recall what time it was but the sun had not set – he told me to get my ass out to the barn that it was time for my ass whipping.  We had decided to do the scenario of the farm hand that left the gate open and has to take an ass whipping or lose his job.  So here goes …

Farm Hand Gets Ass Whippin in the Barn (Help is Hard to Find – as told by The Boss)

I try to be a fair boss.  I have a big farm and I hire down on their luck guys that need the work.  They are well fed, have a roof over their heads and all I ask is that they do their jobs.

For the last 3 months, a new guy has been working for me.  Rob is a tall, well built young man, and I have had to keep reminding him to do simple but important things like make sure the tools are put away, the doors are shut, etc.

Last night, I spent the greatest part of it, rounding up 50 head of cattle that got out because Rob, in his hurry to get to town to party, left the gate open AGAIN.  He did not come home until after sun up this morning and it went downhill from there.

I met him in the barn and jumped him right then and there, asking him where the Hell he had been.  I asked him if there was something that he didn’t do yesterday and he said “No”.  I explained to him that he left the gate open again and the cows got out and I was out all night rounding them up. He half-heartedly apologized and that incensed me.  He went on to tell me that he needed this job and I could dock his pay or make him work extra hours, whatever was needed for him to keep his job. I told him it was not that easy.  I told him the only way he was going to keep his job was going to be at the conclusion of a good old fashioned bare ass blistering.  The look of shock and momentary fear that registered on his face told me that was exactly what would keep him on the straight and narrow.

I told him to drop his pants and bend over the waist high rail he was standing at. I popped him over his underwear clad ass with my doubled over leather belt; while telling him that this would be a lesson he would not soon forget and it was either this or his job.  I continued to swing my belt and as it connected with his briefs, he would yelp and jerk and came out of position a few times.  I gave him about 35 licks with my belt while telling him to stay still, but he did not listen. 

I stopped the whipping and got some bailing twine out of the storage drawer and proceeded to tie his hands and legs securely to the posts.  Now he was not going anywhere until I was done with him.  I grabbed the waist band of his tight briefs and pulled them down to join his jeans around his knees baring his butt and exposing the belt marks on his previously white cheeks.

I reached above my shoulder and pulled the razor strop off the nail.  I gave no warning and set into landing hard licks on his tender ass cheeks and he was soon hollering and begging and clenching up his butt.  He was trying to squirm but the rope was holding him in place and his ass could not avoid the strop.

By about the 15th lick of this second session with the razor strop, tears were flowing and he was crying like a little kid and promising that he would never forget the gate again.  His tears did not deter me from my mission and his cries and promises were music to my ears. I swung that strop hard at least 40 more times after his tears and cries began.  With each stroke landing on his scarlet ass, he would jump up as far as his restraints would let him, which was very little. 

I took a breather. (It was hot in the barn and not just from the heat of his ass).  I walked around to face him and took his chin in my hands and made him look me in the eyes (through his tears) as I told him that he was going to get 25 more and he was going to count each one and if he lost count, we were going to start over and do it until he got it right.

SNAP!! (1 SIR!) SNAP!! (2 SIR!) SNAP!! (3 SIR, OWWW!!!) 4, 5 and 6 came in hard, quick succession.  By 7 the tears were flowing again.  He was holding on to the rail for dear life.  SNAP!!! SNAP!!! SNAP!!! 10 had him blubbering and begging for me to stop.  I never let up explaining that I told him 25 and 25 it was going to be.  From 15 to the end, I brought the strop up from an angle being sure to catch the most tender part of his ass and raise him off the floor on his tip toes. 

His bellows and sobs could be heard all over the farm.  When I was done, I simply walked out and left him just as he was to ponder his situation.  I returned a half hour later to let him up and to tell him to get to bed. 

Bet my gate won’t be left open again …

[END OF Farm Hand Gets Whippin in the Barn: Help is Hard to Find]

After returning to the house, we relaxed on the sofa and watched TV and the video that we made of the session in the barn.  [Sorry, there is no link to the video. It was recorded on tape and later transferred to DVD, but it is not in a format for sharing online.]

Later we went down to the burger joint and got something at the drive-thru and brought it back to the house and ate. 

My butt was sore from the multiple sessions earlier in the day.  My Spanker said his butt was itching for some of what he had dished out and I was allowed to get some revenge on his ass that evening using several of my straps.

I thought that I was done for the day, but my Spanker announced that I had another session coming before bedtime.  I thought maybe I would just be getting a mild bedtime spanking – but my Spanker had other ideas.

I don’t recall all the implements that he used on me during that session before bedtime, but I do remember that he used my Canadian prison strap with holes on my bare ass as I lay flat on the bed.  Needless to say, I did sleep on my stomach that night (what little bit I slept). 

The next morning I woke with a still sore ass knowing that I had another session scheduled before my departure – the re-enactment of the “Letter to a First Time Son”.

I didn’t bother getting dressed as the re-enactment called for me to be completely naked.  I didn’t take a shower beforehand and all I had to remove was my underwear and “the son” was standing naked in front of “the dad” who was seated on the bed with my Vermont Country Store Bath Brush [not the hairbrush as mentioned in the letter]. 

He took me over his lap and laid into my bare ass with the brush – fast and hard – until 40 licks had been given.  I wasn’t crying like the son in the letter [perhaps the session in the barn was all the crying I had in me this trip] – but I was in great pain. 

I bent over the bed and he proceeded to leather my ass 40 times with the belt.  After which there still were no tears.

Finally, he took me over his lap and hand spanked me and probably gave me at least another 40 spanks before reaching for the bath brush and giving me 10 scorchers on my sore, welted and bruised bare ass.  After this – still no tears.

It was time for my departure, so I loaded my things into the back of my vehicle and said good-bye to my Spanker.  I eased my sore ass into the driver’s seat and wished that the leather seats were a bit softer.  As promised, I drove home sitting uncomfortably on a sore, blistered bottom – after “A Series of Whippings Like You Have Never Had Before”.

[THE END:  The Ass Blistering of a Lifetime: A Series of Whippings Like You Have Never Had Before]