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Monday, October 25, 2010

Nepotism and spanking on "The Office"

Michael attempted to bring in his nephew Luke to be an official employee at Dunder-Mifflin Sabre, and the results were just as much of a disaster as anytime Michael tries something. Luke knew he could get away with anything and Michael wouldn't do anything about it. Meanwhile, everyone else in the office was becoming increasingly frustrated with getting bad coffee and soy ice cream instead of what they actually wanted.

After talking to Joy about it, Michael realized that the only thing left for him to do was to monitor his nephew's every move. Unfortunately, there even got to be a point where enough was enough. Rather than fire the guy outright, Michael decided instead to give him a good spanking in front of everyone.

Link to video on YouTube

VGL Boys: Jeffery spanks Cole

I found this cute clip of Jeffery spanking Cole on You Tube.
The clip features the duo of Jeffery Self and Cole Escola - the self described VGL Gay Boys on You Tube.
They also have a show on Logo - Jeffery & Cole Casserole.
Permanent Link to YouTube video

A College Boy's Dream

Sexy Frank Castle is a hardworking college student. He's tired from doing his homework and takes a break to look at some bondage porn online. Frank comes across pictures of the bound Derrek Diamond, and when he begins to fantasize, the studly hunk suddenly appears in his room. Frank tries out some flogging and ass-spanking, which gets his dick hard. He uses Derrek throughout the evening. Finally, Frank ties up Derrek and fucks him hard on his bed.
The free trailer and pics are from Bound Gods 

Spanking Central - Chase Series 7

Chase is my favorite among the current models at Spanking Central
Model: Chase
Title: Dojo Discipline
Preview Clip Duration: 1:12
Full Video Duration: 4:26
Bonus Video Duration: 47:22
Date of Publication: 2010-02-18
Description: In this martial arts studio, strict, motivational discipline with a Cane, keeps students on their toes!

Click for Preview Video
This is the 7th installment in the CHASE SERIES ... STAY TUNED for MORE....
You can see the Full Video, Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Video and 19 still images from the shoot on the Spanking Central Premium Site